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One day Trip to Heraklion city - What to do in Crete's capital in a day visit:

 1.    Heraklion Archeological Museum.                                          
Located in the center. One of the most important museums in Greece and in Europe. From the period of Cretan prehistory covering over 5.500 years until Roman times.

2.    Palace of Knossos.                                                                          
Located in a spectacular area in nature, only 8 km from the city center.
Minoans were a superpower in their time in Mediterranean Sea and dominated for years.
Now the ancient ruins of resists time and corruption, proud and imperious, indicating to us
Be enchanted by the construction and the simplicity of the palace.

3.    Koules Venetian Fortress (Castello del Molo).
       Marine fortress constructed by the Venetian. Is at the     entrance of Venetian harbor to prevent of attacks
              from possible occupiers, because of its geographical

4.    City Walls.
Surrounded the old city of Iraklion,
making it impregnable to invasion with the help of Koules.

5.       Grave of Nikos Kazantzakis.(1883–1957)

A famous Greek writer, novelist, journalist, politician, playwright, poet, philosopher and Freemason, a rich literary, poetic and translation work. Recognized as one of the most important contemporary Greek writers as the most translated worldwide. He is buried south of the center in the well-preserved Martinengo Bastion. The epitaph on his grave,”‘I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free”, is taken from one of his works.

6.    Loggia.

Today, the Loggia of Heraklion has been fully renovated and houses the Town Hall. In fact, it is considered as the most elegant Venetian building in Crete and in 1987, it received the Europa Nostra award as the best renovated monument.

7. Visit the city center Market and walk through the roads.


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