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Rethymnon port car hire, port rent a car in Rethymnon.

 Rethymnon is located in the west  part of Heraklion and eastern of Chania. Rethymno is the territory of Crete which has the most beautiful beaches and the highest mountainous terrains of Crete. Hiring a car in Rethymnon is ideal to explore the most beautiful parts of the island, from the high mountain of Psiloritis to the palm beach of Moni Preveli and the caves of Matala beach.

 You can have two ways of car hire in Rethymnon,

 Select to hire a car in Rethymnon port: You can reserve a ferry ticket in Athens and travel to Rethymnon port. We can wait for you infront of the ferry holding a sign writing your name on it. The car will be at the port ready to hire, renting a car in rethymnon is very easy.

 Hire a car in Rethymnon city: You can reserve a car and pick it up in your accommodation, hotel or villa. The pick up of the car will be confirmed from us after providing us with the necessary pick up car rental details and will arrange it.

Athenscars-Crete recommends you whould take advantage of the local directory provided with your car hire contract and visit all recommended places of Rethymnon, renting a car in rethymnon cannever be better.


Heraklion Port car rental

 Are you arriving in Heraklion Port and need a rental car? athenscars is the correct car hire supplier for Heraklion port, delivering cars on time, early morning noon afternoon or evening hours.

 Choose the correct car that suits your needs, make sure your luggage fit in the buggage boot. Our online system shows the car groups and size of their buggage boots. If you are unsure of car size you have chosen, supply information regarding number of luggage and passengers in the remarks space of the car hire reservation-Heraklion port.

 After choosing the correct car for Heraklion port, reserve it by supplying the necessary information regarding the ferry name and estimated arrival time in Heraklion. One representative of athenscars will be waiting for you just outside and opposite the ferry, holding a sign writing your name. You will not have to walk long distance to find your hire car, we will have it there ready for you!

 Heraklion city is located in the middle of the island Crete. Its location has the advantage a guest can drive anywhere on Crete ,regardless the short distances with the rental car.  Ηeraklion port car rentals are always discounted, as our ψαρ ηιρε location is not far from there, we do not charge of extra cost.

Car hire in Chania port at very attractive rates!

 Are you planning a trip to Chania, Crete? You have visited the car rental agency of Chania port. You can have a quick look at our very best car hire offers for Chania city and west Crete. You will benefit our offers and will be satisfied due to our latest model of cars!We pride ourselves to be very correct and offering reasonable attractive rates to all new or returning customers. Our Fleet of latest car hire in Crete models, will release you to choose any of the economy or larger size cars we offer.

 Select the model of car that will, be ideal for you car hire adventure on Crete, provide you with trust and safety to drive everywhere on the island. Select the car type and provide the necessary information-following the online steps to reserve a car in Chania port. It is important to provide a telephone number of yours, home or mobile. After finalizing your order, make sure you received the voucher-reservation.

 Chania port is located in the east part of Chania city, it is 5km far from the city center. Whether you arrive in Chania Souda port or Chania Marathi port base, car hire Chania port staff will be there to deliver the selected car on time! it is true we are the favourite car rental agency of Chania visitors. We are punctual and professional car hire in Crete.

Heraklion city is in the middle of island Crete Iraklion is having some of the most interesting sightseeing places.Heraklion airport is only 4km far from the city centre,surrounded from many tourist resorts. Cargreece.com is having a car hire agency in the centre of Heraklion city. Car rental in Heraklion city is necessary in order to visit all the beautiful places of Crete. Crete car hire is making offers and special car rental deals in Crete .Athenscars-crete is having many branch offices , Hersonisos car rental, Malia car hire, Stalis car hire, Gouves car hire, Ammoudara car rental, Heraklion airport car rental.

The Palace of Knossos is 7km far from the city centre ,one of the most attractive remains-ruins of Minoan civilization.The Knossos palace was found from the great English archaeologist Arthur Evans(leter knighted).He worked at the palace over a period of 35years,though by 1903 most of the site had been uncovered.Its location and its remains show the way of life 3500-4500years Before.among the 1300 rooms of the main palace were both the sacred and the commercial:lustral baths for holy ceremonies:store rooms for agricultural produsts:workshops for mettallurgy and stone cutting.Nearby are the Royal Villa and the Little Palace.

The remains of Minoan civilization in Gortys ,40km far from Heraklion,the palace of Phaestos in South Crete are places you have to visit .

The museum of Heraklion ,located in the centre of the city,freedom square is exhibiting the items founded in Knossos and other archaeological places in Crete.

The venetian harbour Castle,built when the Venetians were on the island,is one of the most attractive castles in the Meditteranean .

athenscars-Crete is making great car hire Crete cheap rates, you can request for Crete car rental  via e-mail or telephone us in :00302810821424.00302810220680




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