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Cheap car hire in Heraklion with no additional or hidden charges and without small letters. You can enjoy our services and your vacation with the assurance and guarantee of a dependable company that will not hesitate to suggest you all possible ways to cut down on expenses in Crete, upon request. Other benefits

Usually the car hire Heraklion Airport is always a busy location but apart from renting a car you will be able to enjoy other services. For instance, there is a small shop and a café with soft drinks that will keep you busy in case you will have to wait at the airport. Available is also a help desk that will provide you with any important information that you may need in relation to the airport and its environs. Choose the correct car hire in Crete and start your vacation!

Starting out in the city of Heraklion, you will be in the center of the island and you will have the choice to drive in any direction to check out some of the secluded beaches and quaint traditional towns. Drive east and you will be on your way to Malia. Drive further and you can go all the way to the eastern tip of the island at Kato Zakros and Vai palm beach. This is place that is rarely not visited by tourists, and you will surely find a totally different place than in the big cities.

If you would rather drive west, you will come across small towns like Bali and Panormo before you reach the larger city of Rethymnon and eventually Chania. On the far western tip of the island, you will arrive in Falasarna where you can enjoy swimming all day.

Drive to the southern part of the island and you will enjoy some similar experiences. There is really no formula for finding the perfect island oasis, eveerywhere is wrth to go, you should just drive the car hire Crete Airport until you discover your piece of paradise.


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