As a result of the geographic position of the island Crete and the tempestuous history, the Cretans have always been subjected to a variety of influences, however the particular character of the islanders has not changed. They have a passion for indepence and freedomand a deep love for their homeland, which has been strengthened by their struggles against the various invaders. Cretan people are sociable ans warm, hospitable and friendly to strangers, optimistic and open hearted. In their daily life they are impulsive and despite foreign influences and models, they retain their customs and traditions, especially in the villages and small towns, of Crete, where even today one sees men in the characteristic local "Vraka" or long buggy trousers, black fringed kerchief and high boots.

  Heraklion city - Crete car hire

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The Palace of Knossos is 7km far from the city centre ,one of the most attractive remains-ruins of Minoan civilization.The Knossos palace was found from the great English archaeologist Arthur Evans(leter knighted).He worked at the palace over a period of 35years,though by 1903 most of the site had been uncovered.Its location and its remains show the way of life 3500-4500years Before.among the 1300 rooms of the main palace were both the sacred and the commercial:lustral baths for holy ceremonies:store rooms for agricultural produsts:workshops for mettallurgy and stone cutting.Nearby are the Royal Villa and the Little Palace.

The remains of Minoan civilization in Gortys ,40km far from Heraklion,the palace of Phaestos in South Crete are places you have to visit .

The museum of Heraklion ,located in the centre of the city,freedom square is exhibiting the items founded in Knossos and other archaeological places in Crete.

The venetian harbour Castle,built when the Venetians were on the island,is one of the most attractive castles in the Meditteranean . Crete is famous for its treasures among the centuries. The Venetians created the most magnificent Walls of the mediterranean, the Cretan architecture, is all over the island, shoows the influence of the Venetian people .

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Agios Nikolaos city - Crete car hire

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crete rethymnon car hire

This city, on the Greek island of Crete, is one of the most popular resort areas in the Mediterranean. Continuously inhabited since antiquity, this city’s ideal warm climate attracts visitors every year.
Located between the picturesque lake Voulismeni in the south and the sea of Agios Nikolaos  to the north, city Agios Nikolaos has become a popular destination for the active and passive alike. Those who wish to sit and relax in coffee shops  by the lake, and those who prefer other activities such as swimming, windsurfing or sun bathing can head for the lovely beach.
All day small boats leave the harbour to visit the Venetian fortress of Spinaloga island, near Elounda. Every summer the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos organizes Naval week, swimming, water skiing and wind-surfing contests are organized. And other  cultural events, such as music and dance events, theatrical performances, exhibitions and shows.,
The lakeshore is ringed with small tavernas, cafes and restaurants and the shoreline has sandy beaches for sunbathing and swimming. Paddleboats can be rented for a leisurely cruise around the lake and harbour, which have recently been connected by a canal.
Just south of lake Voulismeni is the Lasithi Plateau area. A drive around this mountain-fringed region will reveal extensive pear and apple orchards, many of old-style windmills and Dikteon Cave - the mythological place of birth  of the infant Zeus,Greece’s ancient God.
Agios Nikolaos does not have an airport of its own, but can be reached by car or by frequent bus connections from Heraklion and Sitia which both have airports.
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Rethymnon city - Crete car hire

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Crete-Rethymno car rentalRethymnon prides itself on being Crete's intellectual capital,still possesses an intact old town with a small picturesque Venetian harbour.Rethymnon city is located west of Crete.Rethymno city is 65km far from Heraklion city and 65km far from Chania city.Car rental in Rethimno is necessary in order to explore the beauties of island Crete.Rethymno area has some of the most beautiful and attractive places of Crete to visit like Fortetsa castle,west of the venetian harbour,from where excellent views may be enjoyed .

Car rental in Rethymnon gives you the chance to visit Agia Galini,one of the most quiet places on Crete,surrounded with a wonderful beach,apts,hotels and friendly local people,fresh fish.Rent a car in Plakias,a small village south of Rethymnon,with one of the most famous beaches on Crete .Moni Preveli is a fntastic place, a beach,a river going in the sea,a monastery and a relaxing atmosphere opposite the Libyan African sea.Athenscars-Crete is recommending you to drive on the mountain of Psiloritis,through small villages and visit the Monastery of Arcadi ,which is open all year .

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crete car rental in chania Car Rental In Chania-Crete: Chania , is Crete's second city and it's capital until 1971.Chania city is located at the west north part of Crete island. Chania is claims to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.It's jewel is the boat-free outer venetian harbour.Mosque of Hassan Pasha,Firkas sea Fortress are still-standing .The Archaeological museum occupies the church of the Franciscan Friaryone of the best preserved and largest Venetian churches,The church of Aghios Nikolaos,after various architectural and religious conversions,displays both a minaret and a campanile.
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Car rental in Chania and visit Akrotiri ,a limestone peninsula stretching northeastwards from Chania,is full of interest.
Hire a car in Chania and visit the Commonwealth Cemetery,where British and Commonwealth troops killed during the 1941 Battle of Crete are buried.Equal honour is given to three times that number of Germans who are buried in the well-tended cemetery at Maleme.

Further out of the Akrotiri is the Monastery of Aghia Triadha,5minutes far the Gouverneto monastery and half an hour downhill driving till Katholiko monastery.
Rent a car in Chania and drive West from Chania,where the road hugs the coast,passing through busy small resorts, before arriving at the Kolymbari village.

Car rental in Chania is useful to drive further west of Chania to Kissamos and Kastelli village,with its wide broad beach.Turn left at Platanos and keep on driving with the Chania hire car till south west.Rent a car in Chania provides a visit to Elafonisi,bordering a shallow lagoon.This is one of the best spots on the whole island for beach lovers.

Around the corner to the southwest Chania,lies Paleohora,a self contained resort that has a ruined castle and sand beaches.Occasional boats leave forGavdhos island,Europe’s southernmost point.
Keep on driving the Car hire in Chania and you will meet Hora Sfakion(sfakia)or  the home of Sfakians,who epitomize the idependent Cretans.
Samaria Gorge is the most exciting and spectacular adventure which Crete offers the average visitor is a walk through the Gorge of Samaria,at 18km or 11ml,one of the longest in Europe.Inside the Gorge exist Xyloskalo area,where the walk starts,Afendis Christos,Portes,and ends down to Aghia Roumeli and the church of Panaghia.
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The Origin of the City's Name
Scholars have been trying for years to analyse the etymology of the name "Hania," and to decide on the time when the name was changed from "Kythonia" to "Hania". The new name is first met as "Cania" in the document "Sexteriorum Cretensiu in Militias divisio" in 1211. Then the name "Canea" is mentioned in the document which relinquishes the Chania area to the Venicians in 1252. As for the change of the name from "Kythonia" to "Hania", the most convincing point of view is that of Prof. N. Platonas, who associates it with the existence of a big village "Alhania", named after the God "Valhanos" (Vulcan). The Sarasin Arabs found this name easier to use but confused it with their own word "Al Hanim" (the Inn). After the departure of the Arabs, the syllable "Al", probably taken to be the Arab article "Al" (the), was dropped when the name was translated into the Greek "Hania" and the Latin "Canea".

Lasithi - Crete Car Hire

Agios Nikolaos

Lassithi is het meest oosterlijke departement met als hoofdstad Agios Nikolaos. Deze stad is pas in 1870 gebouwd en heeft ongeveer 10.000 inwoners. In het centrum ligt een klein meertje met vissersboten (men zegt bodemloos). Bezienswaardigheden zijn de Agia Triada kerk, het archeologisch museum (di-zo 8.30-15.00 uur) en het folkloristisch museum (zo-vr 10.00-13.30 en van 19.00-21.30 uur). Vlakbij Agios Nikolaos ligt Spinalonga of Kalidon (het lepra-eiland). Tot 1954 werden naar dit venetiaanse vestingeiland en spookstadje nog leprozen verbannen. Een van de mooiste Byzanthijnse kerken op Kreta met goed bewaard gebleven muurschilderingen is de Panagia i Kera bij het plaatsje Kritsa. De zuidelijkste stad van Europa heet Ierapetra en ligt in het departement Lassithi. je kunt hier een kijkje nemen in het fort of van hieruit in de zomermaanden overvaren naar het mooie eilandje Chrisi. In het noordoosten van het departement vind je het palmenstrand van Vai en een rijk klooster Moni Toplou met een van de mooiste iconen van Griekenland. Lassithi staat bekend om haar hoogvlakte met talloze oude windmolentjes.

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