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Chania region of Crete is quite possibly the ultimate holiday island! Fantastic for families and with a welcoming, laid back vibe that encapsulates everything that’s great about Greece(and with a few surprises of its own) there’s loads to see, do and eat. Want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best stuff? We’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you get the very best from your holiday on the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

Why Visit west Crete and Chania region?
Geographically, Crete island is surrounded by two seas-the Aegean and the Libyan: the spectacular White mountains on the western part with several gorges close by. The lowlands are RICH AAREAS by the south beaches – all characterized by long sandy beaches and shallow, warm seas; all around them you’ll find great places for water sports and safe swimming. On rockier parts of the coast you’ll see adventure operators taking groups of thrill-seekers ‘coast seeking’ – a mix of rock-climbing, abseiling, scrambling and cliff-jumping that offers a whole new way to enjoy Crete’s coastline. There are many nude beaches there too.

Typical Sights
CHANIA-CITY-OLDPORT Chania city: The capital of the west is lively, full of history and a great place to enjoy local bars and restaurants.
Crete Chania And in the city itself, old Chania (also known as Venetian port) is an architectural wonder that’s bound to impress all ages.
Fly & Drive holidays Crete Elafonissi southwest is also found in Chania region – it’s the ideal place to stay a night there with family and swim in one of the famous beaches worldwide!
Crete island information Balos beach on the Gramvousa bay on the island’s west side boasts a fortress used to check pirate ships in past, the sea is fantastic. The way to this place is easy with a 4x4car to drive only. We do not recommend to use a normal car, the rad is very bad.

some fotos…Chania old city roads Chania old city roads CHANIA PORT Chania old port by night

When to Visit?
Summer temperatures are hot, averaging the high twenties with negligible rainfall in the lowlands – it’s the best and the most popular time for beach breaks and traditional family getaways. If you’re planning a holiday around land activities, it’s also worth considering the cooler spring or autumn months, which are ideal for exploring the island on foot or by bike or best with a rental car. It’s a paradise for hikers and cyclists, with the heights of Omalos offering challenging ascents and spectacular views.

Getting Around
Public transport: Thanks to decades of tourism, Crete is easy to get around, with a well-developed road and bus network. With so much to see, we highly recommend hiring a vehicle – check out our activities section for some original ideas on that front.
If you prefer public transport, your first stop will be Chania city, reached by the 1 bus from the airport. From there, taxi services will get you around the city, we recommend you to rent a car.
By bike: Touring west Crete by bike is a fantastic way to see the island (Greek Prime Minister is a fan) and there are loads of places to hire cycles from – your luxury villas might even include them as part of your rental.
Taxis: There’s an abundance of taxi companies on Crete to help get you to where you need to go – though as with many destinations, it’s worth booking in advance (if possible) and agreeing on a price with the driver before heading out.
Hiring a car: If you’re staying inland or in one of the more remote coastal areas, hiring a car will probably be necessary. There are several local firms as well as multinational staples, but once you’ve got your own set of the wheels the entirety of the island is yours to explore! Companies like or all provide services direct from the airport.

Which places are worth visiting for climbing adventure and trail walking?

West of Crete has some of the most interesting gorges to walk through, Samaria gorge and Agia Irini are the top visited, Imbros gorge is following being very much interesting too. There are numerous of excellent walking trail guide tours organized in Paleochora and south Chania most villages by locals, like in Sougia or in Chora Sfakion. Samaria gorge Agia Irini gorge Imbros gorge

There are some places worth to visit by the western Chania like Kolymbari beach and village and Balos beach, always using the ferry from Kasteli of Kissamos Port!

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About Crete

Crete general information:

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands (8,336 km²) and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Crete is about 260 km long and 60 km wide, with a population of approximately 600,000. To the north it broaches the Sea of Crete and to the south the Libyan sea. Crete consists of four prefectures: Chania, Rethimnon, Heraklion and Lasithi.

Crete is extremely mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from West to East ( Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Dikti mountains, Kedros, Thripti).These mountains gifted Crete with fertile plateaus, such as Lasithi, Omalos and Nidha ; caves, such as Diktaion and Idaion ; and gorges such as the famous Samaria. Crete is the home of the wild goat Kri-Kri and a refuge for the vulture Lammergeier.

Crete is a location of significant ancient history and a popular tourist destination; its attractions include the Minoan sites of Knossos and Phaistos, the classical site of Gortys, the Venetian castle at Rethymnon, and the Samaria Gorge, as well as many other natural sites. Crete was the centre of the Minoan civilization (2600-1400 BC).

If there was a beauty contest for Greek islands, Crete would surely be among the favorites.



 With its accessible and varied pleasures, Crete is a favorite of many. Drawn to the colonial charm of Mediterranean sea, Heraklion's pulsing nightlife, the glitz of Vai Beach, or the quiet expanse of the southern Crete, almost all visitors find something to love here. From the powdery white beaches of the Elafonisi to the vibrant coral reefs of the Plakias, the ocean is always calling—for sailing, fishing, diving, swimming, and other water sports. Stray off the path a few miles, and you might glimpse a bit of the Crete of old, including old traditional works.

Arriving On Flights to Crete

Tourists on flights to Crete will most likely land at Heraklion International Airport, Chania International Airport, or Sitia International Airport. Heraklion International Airport, located in Central Crete, is the most popular airport for those wishing to visit Crete's main  attractions, including Knossos Palace. This airport is home to vehicle rental companies and free shuttle rides to WaterParks  or to a number of hotels in the area. You also might be able to find cheap airfare to Crete's smaller domestic airports throughout the state.

Crete island is connected with a road network from the East to the West side.

The main road is playing the "role" of the national road, is easy to drive on.  When driving along main roads, especially, the main east west highway keep to the right side. local drivers are driving faster than should. Other drivers will expect you to use what you may think is the hard shoulder so that they can pass you, there is one main line to the most of the part of the main road. Drivers on Crete are unusually courteous.  You will probably want to avoid bringing a car into the old city areas of Chania and Heraklion, where the streets are very narrow and parking impossible. Check that any map you have is up to date and also beware- if the map says "its a track" it probably is !  Gas is not very expensive and, because of this, cars are small.   In rural areas drivers need to be extra cautious, especially when approaching bends - always expect to encounter sheep or goats or even some small rockfalls. Also its best assume that locals prefer to overtake on blind bends, indicators are rarely used and Give Way signs are often ignored.

 The local companies are less expensive than the international firms.   If you are doing airport pickup and drop-off, be sure to rent from a company that has an airport counter or like our agency that is in the airport Parking area with many vehicles to choose from.

An International driving permit is legally necessary for non-EU citizens. USA and Canadian and Australian visitors do not have to show an International permit to drive.

 Road connecting Chania - Palaiochora:

The first 45km are on the National road Chania Kastelli, exit from Travronitis and drive South. The road is old with some new parts, especially bridges, the speed limit is 50-70km/hour. The time  you will need is 1hour 20minutes to drive the 77km distance.

 Road connecting Chania - Katelli Kissamou:

Drive on the E75 national road and within 40minutes you will be in Kastelli Kissamou=42km far from Chania city. The road is good with 70-90km/hour speed limit.

 Road connecting Chania - Omalos mountain - Samaria Gorge:

The road is old, the driving uphill is difficult and the driver has to drive careful all the 42km distance. The Samaria Gorge entrance, is in the end of the road. 

 Road connecting Chania Rethymnon:

Drive on E75 and in 55minutes you will have driven the 65km distance. The road is old but with not many curves.

 Road connecting Chania - Sfakia - Chora Sfakion:

Drive on E75 east, turn from Vrisses conjuction to the south and drive the 75km distance from Chania city. The road is old, narrow with decades curves and naughty local drivers drive fast! There are numerous small wholes in the road. 

  Road connecting Rethymnon - Southern part -Plakias - Agia galini:

The road is very very old, there are numerous curves and narrow parts. the distance between Retymnon-Plakias is 41km only to drive, the time you will need =1hour aprox.



Crete Car Rental - A Great Idea For Travelers

Crete car hire is one of more popular choices among international visitors and this is the reason that you would always find great rush when it comes to getting the bookings done. People, who are planning to visit Crete, need to plan ahead of time as you cannot rely on the on-spot car rental bookings. There are many car rental companies in Crete, but as the car rental services are in high demand in July and August, you would notice shortage of vehicles to take you to the hopping islands. By hiring cheap car rental service you can easily enjoy your journey without a hassle.

Some of the prominent locations that almost all the car rental services in Crete cover are Agios Nikolaos Crete, Hersonisos, Malia, Stalis, Sisi, Milatos, Sitia, Elounda, Ierapetra, Ammoudara, Heraklion, Rethimnon, Chania, Platanias, Agia Marina, Maleme, Paleochora. 

 Some Important Crete Car Hire Tips

If you are a first time visitor to Greece and you plan to rent a car here, then make sure that these tips are kept in mind:

In Greece you drive on the right hand side of the road.

Like other countries, it is illegal to use your mobile when driving in Greece.

In most of the situations the speed limit is 50km/hr in built up areas, 110km/hr outside of cities and 120km/hr on motorways.

If you follow these tips, it would be easy for you to enjoy your trip to Greece by obtaining the services of a car rental company.

 Some Good Reasons To Consider The Option Of Crete Car Hire

Car hire in Crete is not only hassle-free but is fun filled also. If you have a big car rental period, then you can stop at all the locations that come your way and enjoy the sightseeing. Car hire services in Crete are quite economical as compared to other countries. Crete’s island tax can be lower than other islands. However, to get the booking done, one might need to pay the fee as quick as possible. This is not always demanded as many reservations are made without deposit payment. Check our online guidelines and find the best possible deal that suits your needs!

Some other reasons to go for Crete car hire are:

- Most of the travelers are concerned about their comfort and the car rental companies in Crete take care of this completely. If you have a driving license, then the car rental experience is going to turn out more convenient.

Complete Safety Security: - Acquiring the services of a Greece car rental company implies safety at its best. The drivers here are professionally trained to deliver the best whenever needed.

If we look at all these factors, it would be clear that hiring a car in Crete is going to turn out as a great option.



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