Crete island was an unknown destination for many European people, The last 29years was established as one of best European destinations. It is placed in the first top 10 places list of all tour operator.

Many factors changed the way European clients think in order they decide to select this magnificent place on Earth. It is the climate, the civilization, history, culture that incfuence any of us. The climate of this island is varying much than the climate of other mediterranean islands, it is moreover like a subtropical with many tropical elements. Crete is pride for having more tha 300days sun, the temperature is temperate 15degrees during the winter time at most days minimum scale and between 25-41degrees during the summer months.

After a visitor arrives in Heraklion airport is necessary to ask for the travel guide of Crete, usually given in the information desk of Heraklion airport. It is showing important places to visit and stop in places that are inherited with culture, history and hospitality. The second important thing is make sure he will hire a car from one of Crete's specialist car hire providers. This will solve his demand to travel in all far places at a very low cost and very quick. travelling on a bus is much more expensive comparing with the time needed to travel in a public mean from one place to the other. Besides Crete is not famous for having low cost means of trasportation, such as bus transfers or sea transfer, this makes all Crete Car Hire companies to show their good reputation and attract more clients every year.

The east part of Crete is the first place a traveler should focus on for at least 3days traveling. Starting from Heraklion airport should stop in Hersonisos Municipality and take a quick look at the Heronissos museum. just 5 km further will meet the village of Malia, there is one important place to stop, at the seaside end of Malia famous beach-the antiquities of Minoan civilization. Sitia is the next stop and is the place a traveler should spend his night. many small hotels, located in the sea front of the port, are ready to welcome many visitors every day. Estimate a night cost at 25-40euro depending on the hotel amenities offered. A good dinner in any of Sitan taverns is a must. Fresh fish is sold in very low rates, as many Sitian people do the fisherman job for living. The food is such places is virgin and of an excellent quality. Besides Sitia is awarded for its products the last 20years.

The second day is a day for swimming. The traveller should get a good breakfast at the hotel and prepare himself for a fascinated tour around Sitia. A good place to go is Monastery Toplou, the architectonic style and its residents show the way a person has to live in order he becomes Monachos, the person who leaves all his life back and changes for religion reasons to a person who lives for the good of other people. Just few km far from Moni Toplou is located the famous Palm Beach of Vai, a valley of thousands phoenix trees ending in the seaside of vai. Visitors should sleep or stay among the trees, the clean green blue waters of the sea and the quiet of the area makes this place the most visible place of Crete. After spending 2 hours in this place is time to drive south of Sitia, to Kato Zakros and Xerokampos areas. The best places of east Crete, long beaches and seaside fields with tomatoes and olive trees will be met during driving at these places. the archaeological site of Zakros is of a great interest! Driving further you can turn to Makri Gialos area, a tourist resort with many apts and hotel of low cost. Spend the rest of the night there and get prepared to drive the next day in Ierapetra. The area where many ferries dock and sail in all African countries of north.

A good destination is Gaidouronisi or Chrissi island, the virgin island just opposite of Crete. If you select to sail there, estimate you will need more than 4hours to spend over this island before you start again to drive further to Ierapetra or Arvi village. The banana production village of Crete. Its climate is subtropical and south winds make this climate more like tropical.

The last day is good to be spend at the southern part of Heraklion, places such as Lendas, Matala, Kaloi Limenes are worth to stay. Nevertheless Crete has so many nice places to stay at, Crete car hire is necessary in order you explore the beauties of this magnificent place on earth! Choose the correct car hire in Crete and start your vacation!




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