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About Crete

Crete general information:

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands (8,336 km²) and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Crete is about 260 km long and 60 km wide, with a population of approximately 600,000. To the north it broaches the Sea of Crete and to the south the Libyan sea. Crete consists of four prefectures: Chania, Rethimnon, Heraklion and Lasithi.

Crete is extremely mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from West to East ( Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Dikti mountains, Kedros, Thripti).These mountains gifted Crete with fertile plateaus, such as Lasithi, Omalos and Nidha ; caves, such as Diktaion and Idaion ; and gorges such as the famous Samaria. Crete is the home of the wild goat Kri-Kri and a refuge for the vulture Lammergeier.

Crete is a location of significant ancient history and a popular tourist destination; its attractions include the Minoan sites of Knossos and Phaistos, the classical site of Gortys, the Venetian castle at Rethymnon, and the Samaria Gorge, as well as many other natural sites. Crete was the centre of the Minoan civilization (2600-1400 BC).

If there was a beauty contest for Greek islands, Crete would surely be among the favorites.


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