1.Drive carefully through the narrow old city roads.

2.Donot exceed the speed limit of 50km in the cities of Crete and 80km on the high ways.

3.Donot drink and drive,the law in Crete is very strict even if you will be caught with a glass of wine.

4.Donot drive the car on non asphalt roads.Donot drive the hire car on Cretan mountainous roads,there is possibility of car damage underneath.

5.Park your rental car in Crete's parking spaces or inside the hotel parkings.

6.Use the road maps of Crete we supply in order you will make the driving between places easier.

7.Check the hire car before you depart to be sure the tire pressure is correct,lights and fuel level.

8.Donot give the rental car to other hotel residents to drive,insurance covers only the named drivers on the contract.

9.In case of accident,make a phone call on our telephone service station,00302810821424.

10.Enjoy driving,sun and hospitality of Cretan people.We are at any time available for you.Tongue out

hotel heraklion crete

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