Terms & Conditions & FAQ of Crete car Rental
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Collision Damage waiver insurance is an insurance covering all damages caused to our cars on Crete, Greek islands, and Greece mainland, Athens. Customer is fully relieved from the responsibility of any damage caused on his car rental in Crete,Greece,Greek sialnds, 100% ,no risk,no excess.This insurance is included in all rates.

Personal accident insurance will cover all passengers in our cars that may have a body disability or injury because of an accident.

Athenscars-Crete is operating 24hours every day in Heraklion car hire station. Athenscars-Crete is operating 24hours everyday in Chania car hire station. Our phone numbers are:00302810821424.00302810220680.

When accident happens on Crete, use the Heraklion , Crete car rental , service telephone numbers written on your contract agreement. When accident happens at any other place of Greece, use our service tel. numbers written on your contract agreement.

Athenscars-Crete has some special rental cars, jeeps, in Crete that drive off-road. Crete car rental is not allowing customers to drive jeeps on difficult directions without our permission.

Athenscars-Crete will cancel your reservation made at least 20days before arriving in Crete, or any other part of Greece.

Athenscars-Crete has car hire services, Car rental stations all over Crete. Chauffer service is supplied only in Crete of Greece.

Athenscars-Crete is a car rental company in Crete that is renting Mercedes, BMW,SUBARU, Mini busses and other cars all over Crete, up on request.

Athenscars-Crete will replace the car keys, by sending the soonest possible spare car keys, at any place on Crete you will be. You will have to cover the cost of transfer and cost of new car keys

In case you arrive late, ask your representative in Crete Heraklion Airport car rental or Chania Airport car rental (Or any Other Place on Greece) to show you the correct way till your accommodation. ATHENSCARS-Crete employees will be helpful.

To avoid booking a wrong car, check the real buggage you will need to transfer for your trip in Crete, Greece. Athenscars-Crete is negotiating with you in order you will hire the correct car for your needs in Crete.

In case you will be traveling with you baby/child, make sure you will request to Athenscars-crete car rental station in order a by/child seats will be in the car.

    • FULL INSURANCE 100% =Super Full Collison Damage Waiver-
    • Minimum Driver's age: 23years old for small size cars A-B group size, for C-D group size cars Drivers age minimum 25years old, for E-E1-F group size cars minimum age of driver has to be 27years old.
    • Drivers licence: International (for non EU member countries)or national held (for EU member countries) at least 1 year old.
    • All clients must have with them their driving licence and an identification card ID or their passport in order they hire a car from athenscars
    • there may apply extra charges on you car rental regarding your request, we always offer free services such as baby seats/roof racks, we cannot offer all for free this is why we may confirm and say you will be charged for the extra options,


Our Insurance Policy/coverages

1.C.D.W. Collision damage waiver insurance with No Excess

2.F.C.D.W.Full Collision damage Waiver Insurance:By Renting a car from Athenscars The client has F.C.D.W insurance in order he will be covered from any damage caused to the vehicle during the car hire period without excess-risk 100%....read more for our car insurance coverages annd policy

2a. When the age of driver is young, lower than 24 years old, may occure a damage risk according to the seleceted car type.In this case, full insurance will not be 100% no risk.

3.Third Party insurance:T.P. client is covered for damages caused to third part.

4.Personal Insurance:P.I insurance is covering the passengers in the hire car.

5.Theft insurance:The cars are always insured against thieves 100%, but not the clients personal belongings.

6.Loss of car keys:The client is not covered in case of loss or stolen car keys, the cost of car keys is covered from the client.

7.Wheels and under side of car insurance: The client is covered by this insurance when driving the vehicle on asphalt road directions only, in any other case, this insurance is not valid .ANY ACCIDENT NOT REFERRED THE TIME IT HAPPENED IS NOT COVERED FROM THE INSURANCE.

8.Glass insurance:The client is fully covered for damages caused on Glass parts of the car 100%.

9.Accident-What is necessary to do when happens:The client has to contact athenscars telephone numbers which are written on the Rental agreement and the Reservation sheet.Information will be given after from the local staff.The car must not be moved from the place of accident until the insurance comes or the local Police of the area.A written statement of what happened must be filled in from the client. An accident has to be reported the time it happened-and not hours or days later.For negligent or drunk driving, or driving under influence of drugs or on unauthorized roads/coated/dusty/land roads,stone roads, driving to prohibited areas/ obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the full amount of charges.read more about our car Rental Terms/Policy









What is important to know before driving on Crete. 

1.Drive carefully through the narrow old city roads.

2.Donot exceed the speed limit of 50km in the cities of Crete and 80km on the high ways.

3.Donot drink and drive,the law in Crete is very strict even if you will be caught with a glass of wine.

4.Donot drive the car on non asphalt roads.Donot drive the hire car on Cretan mountainous roads,there is possibility of car damage underneath.

5.Park your rental car in Crete's parking spaces or inside the hotel parkings.

6.Use the road maps of Crete we supply in order you will make the driving between places easier.

7.Check the hire car before you depart to be sure the tire pressure is correct,lights and fuel level.

8.Donot give the rental car to other hotel residents to drive,insurance covers only the named drivers on the contract.

9.In case of accident,make a phone call on our telephone service station,00302810821424.

10.Enjoy driving,sun and hospitality of Cretan people.We are at any time available for you.

Enjoy your stay in Crete,

Car Rental Terms & Conditions in Crete:

1.Age of Driver:Drivers age must be minimum ,
   21years old to hire cars of A-B Group size:1.0L-1.1L-1.15L
   23years old to hire cars of C-D-E Group size:1.2L-1.3L-1.4L
   26years old to rent cars of F-F1 Group size:1.5L-1.6L-1.8L-2.0L-2.4L

in order we cover an accident caused to the vehicle, read more about our Insurance Policy

2.When is a reservation completed:The reservation is completed when you receive a receipt email confirming the car type you booked, the car hire rate, the place of pick up and all pick up details from Athenscars With a Reference Reservation NUMBER.If you will not receive such an email-contact us please.

3. Offers:The offers we advertise are current offers-If you are not sure of exact dates of you holidays-Choose an offer of athenscars reserve the car and specify/change the exact dates-time some days before arriving in the destination place.

4.Cancellation policy:The client can cancel the Reservation of car rental .
5.Payment Method: A reservations is completed and a car is booked with two ways, with No Deposit of money (payment will be done on car pick up) or the client can reserve a car by using a credit card.The rest amount of money can be paid either with cash or Credit card-Visa-Mastercard-American Express with an extra surcharge that is sometimes up to 3%-5% according to credit card type.

6.Refuelling Charge:The car hire provider-athenscars.gr-will deliver the vehicle with an exact amount of fuel.The return of the car must be with the same amount of fuel.If you have chosen the Full tank service and paid for a Full tank-the retun of car can be with empty tank.

7.Late Night arrival-EARLY morning arrival:If you flight arrives late night hours because of scheduled arrival time or delayed flight arrival-the car hire provider athenscars.gr will be there to wait for you in the arrivals area.There is an extra charge for the airport /port pick up 22.30-07.00=20euro extra.

8.Destroy of the interior of the car is not covered from any Insurance, the client has to keep the interior of the car clean.

9.Baby seat-Booster seats are provided to all Clients-We want you notify us of child/baby age and weight in order correct seat will be placed in the vehicle.

10.A reservation is valid when a client reserves a car and gives all necessary information to become a vaild member of athenscars.gr website and acceps our Rules and conditions of car hire in Crete-Greece, it is guaranteed that personal in formation is not given to third party but are kept ,  such as address-tel.number and email. if this information is not supplied-reservation will not be valid.

11.Pick up in a hotel:Athenscars.gr is delivering cars to hotels within city limits without extra costs.

12.Athenscars s.a. is having the wright to cancel a reservation that is made the last 24hours, due to the time needed-minimum 24hours to be a reservation completed, this is done when the reservation arrives to us. To avoid a misunderstanding, we kindly ask you to phone a mobile  tel.number service and ask if your reservation is valid, tel.0030 6936790870. THERE MAY BE A SYSTEM FAILURE THE TIME YOU RESERVE A CAR, FOR THIS SPECIFIC REASON WE REPLY VERY FAST.

13.ONE WAY RENTALS: Athenscars accepts one way rental reservations, we donot advertise costs for this as each place has different cost to drive and collect the vehicle the last day. For this reason, we kindly ask you to contact us and ask the cost of the one way rental you reserved please. send a simple email referring your reservation nr.

14.Port pick up: athenscars delivers cars to ports, there must be an arrangement for this, as times ferries arrive from Athens many times are early morning.

Read more about our Insurance Policy, F.C.D.W. etc

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